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z_gates_graphix's Journal

Avenged Sevenfold && more Graphix.
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Welcome to z_gates_graphix
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This is an icon community for Avenged sevenfold. Im looking foward to Having members and makers for this community.
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Real name: Beth
YIM: godlessxwickedxandxcruel
Programs: Adobe photoshop 7
Know for: Icons, layouts, banners, other.

Name: mayo
User Name: mayolittlething
Age: 17
Yahoo: mayo_little_things
MSN: icedgirl4ever@hotmail.com
Programs you use: photoshop cs + cs2
What you can do: make graphics (mostly icons)

Name: Cait
User Name: willnotbeshaken
Age: 23
Yahoo: grey_ohio_sky
MSN: breakingchevelle@hotmail.com
AOL: Demending
Programs you use: Adobe Ps7, Image Ready, PS8, AS3, more
What you can do: Icons, banners, Some layouts, glitter, etc..

If you would like to be a make please fill this out and reply in the nearest comment to me.